Home Remedy : this came from my uncle who works with Smith Kline and Beecham. The company that sells the vets their products

Raid Fumigators
20 Mule Team Borax
ParaMite Dip
----- The fumigators can be found in your grocery store. Get at least 2 fumigators. The spray or fogger does not work and is messy. Make sure it is a fumigator.
----- The borax is found in the laundry section of your grocery.
----- The Paramite dip you can get from the vet. will smell like diesel fuel but it works.
Follow the directions to the letter and make it more diluted. You can use any other dip that you trust as well. Just make sure you have killed the fleas and ticks. I use Paramite because I have had success with it.


Bathe your pet as directed to kill all fleas and ticks

Sprinkle borax on all carpets, pet beddings, and other places your pet likes to sleep. Borax is not harmful to pets or humans. Put under bedding as well. You can even put it under your mattress or mattress pad. Put it under couches and chairs, anywhere you think a flea or tick might be nesting.

Follow the directions on the Fumigator and leave as long as possible. It works best if you can leave for at least six hours.

Upon return, throw away fumigator as directed.

Vacuum up all the areas, borax and all.

Put the Borax down everywhere again. Fleas and Ticks cannot survive this. The Borax will cause the eggs to hatch early and cause larva to be premature.

In 2 weeks repeat with the fumigator and borax, vacuum when done.

Always leave borax down, will not harm pets. If you vacuum, replace the borax. Do not forget to put it under bedding and around.

If problem is still there, repeat the procedure. It took me four weeks when I started this home remedy in 1992, but it works. I just keep borax down at all times. I have not had any fleas or ticks since then.

Remember that borax can stay down at all times. Use a flea comb to check your pet for fleas and ticks. Note: fleas can swim; when combing, get a bowl or cup of water and add a little bit of dishwashing liquid. This changes the polarity of the water and the fleas and ticks will sink.

This is only my opinion. I have had dogs all my life and I learn by experience. I am allergic to fleas, so I do not allow them on my dogs or my home. I use paramite even though it smells like diesel fuel. It lasts longer than normal sprays, dips, collars, and powders. I also dilute it more than usual. When you dip your dog or pet save the water to throw outside. I.E. put it where pet plays or sleeps. Or use it on your deck or patio/porch. Anywhere you suspect intruders. In other words, you do not have to waste the bath/dip water, you can put it somewhere else.

Thank You


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